Alex Bush

Web Developer

I consider myself to be a web developer experienced with CMSs having broad training in both visual and UX design. The web is where I am most comfortable. I believe in the importance of being both tech and design savvy. Being a user advocate is where I find the most satisfaction in my work.


Feel free to browse my work. I am pretty proud of it.

King's Holly Band Website
Fraternity Comeups Online Store
Madison School District #321 Mobile Site
Black Sports Agents Association
Chairman's Challenge Event Website
Downhill Zone
RBL Creative Solutions
Parallax Expirement






Front-end Frameworks (Foundation, Twitter Bootstrap)

UX & UI design

Responsive web design

Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign


My Process

Throughout my web design degree I developed a design process. Here are three of my workbooks from my final semester's interaction design class. This offers a glimpse into the way I think and how I approach design challenges.