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Elite Executive Membership

The Elite Executive Membership Group is a proprietary organization designed by Andre Farr International (AFI) to provide exclusive value-added service to members of Black Sports Agents Association (BSAA), Disciplined Respected Entrepreneurs (DRE) and City Youth Exposure (CYE). AFI offers the Elite Executive Membership Group the unique opportunity to participate in a symbiotic relationship in which members gain access to an exclusive network of sports, entertainment and business professionals. Admission into this private group ensures that members, who are top level executives and industry leaders in their respective markets, have the opportunity to showcase their brand to an exclusive and reciprocal audience. The intention of this showcase is to give members access to new resources and collaborative opportunities from AFI's select network.

AFI's goals include determining which actions steps to take in order to reach the short and long-term goals of all members; performing due-diligence in order to eliminate unqualified companies and individuals from providing services to clients; and finally, providing opportunities that can increase education, experience, access and resources.

The benefits of joining the Elite Executive Membership Group include, but are not limited to:

  1. Association with a prestigious and highly exclusive network with a renowned economic, historical, political, and social impact.
  2. Opportunities to speak at select meetings, seminars, conferences, and specialized events.
  3. Endorsements from an alliance of highly acclaimed executives and entrepreneurs to support new or existing projects and/or business ventures.

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In our quest to educate and help cultivate potential business leaders, the Student Internship Program was created. We believe the Student Internship Program is the lifeline of our organization as they represent the future of the industry. We look to select the top students from around the country that have an interest in sports and entertainment in various areas such as personal relations, marketing, law, advertising, management, agency/representation, financial services, and promotions.

Over the years, interest in our student internship group has grown significantly. It is our mission to meet, establish relationships, and ultimately partner with successful students with an entrepreneurial mind. Our primary goal moving forward is to increase our efforts to leverage the strength of the BSAA and our student interns.

We cannot continue to do this successfully without the fresh energy, invigorating minds, achievements and hard work of our interns.

To apply for an internship please fill out this brief form and upload your resume:

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Meet an Agent

Contact us and we can set up a meeting with one of our agents.

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We are Effective & Exclusive


Our partners and donors have found tremendous value in working with the Black Sports Agents Association, a great number of our partners return year after year to stay involved with the organization and its members. We take great pride in creating lasting partnerships that benefit our sponsors, members, and agents.


Each year the Black Sports Agents Association welcomes key members and influencers from the financial, sports, entertainment, legal and corporate communities, into our elite membership.