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The Chairman's Challenge 5k Walk/ Run

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The Chairman's Challenge is a 5k Run/Walk presented by the Spectrum Club @ Howard Hughes Center on Sunday August 4, 2013 at 9am. Participants will complete the 5k course then be treated to lunch in Howard Hughes Center Triangle Park. After the Run/Walk many attendees will join families in Kickball and Beach Volleyball.


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Howard Hughes Center Triangle Park 6833 Park Terrace Los Angeles, CA 90045


The Chairman's Challenge is a nationwide call to action for individuals to exercise, rest properly and maintain a healthy diet. In addition, this initiative is being utilized as a means to prevent or reverse the affects of diabetes, a disease that is affecting 30 million people and growing.

Andre Farr along with Black Sports Agents Association (BSAA), Black Sports Academy (BSA) and City Youth Exposure (CYE) have made a commitment to use the Chairman's Challenge as a platform to highten awareness on means to improving the quality of life of our national community.

Organized by:

Black Sports Agents Association

Spectrum Club Howard Hughes